How we can help

Working with you in a long-term partnership, we’ll assist you in establishing your specific financial goals and dreams, and then helping you to bring them to life.

You can count on our highly qualified team’s combined breadth of knowledge and expertise.

You’ll receive support from individuals who are all members of the local Illawarra community and who understand your concerns and the issues that impact you on a day-to-day basis.

Smart Financial is not owned by a bank, industry fund or any other large financial institution. This means we’re not tied to any products, so you’ll have access to the very best competitive options, tailored to your personal financial situation.

Our aim is to help you change the way you think about your finances and your future, assisting you by providing you with options that you may never have thought about, taking into consideration your immediate, and future needs.

1.What Happens in the First Meeting

During the first meeting, we take the time to get to know you and understand what stage of life you’re at. We’ll talk about your hopes and goals, as well as more tangible things like your appetite for risk in investing and the dreams you have for your retirement.

Our first meeting with you is also an opportunity for you to get to know us. We will happily answer any questions you may have. We use plain language to ensure you understand everything rather than industry jargon which can be confusing.

Above all, we strive to make you feel comfortable, at ease, and in control of your financial future.

2.What Happens After the First Meeting

After our initial meeting you’ll receive a Letter of Engagement. This outlines details such as our fees for the preparation of your Financial Plan, Statement of Advice, and any other services. Once you’ve returned the signed Letter of Engagement, we can start helping you secure your financial goals and dreams.

We may then organise a second appointment to take you through a suggested Financial Plan, and provide detailed, easy-to-understand, in-person advice. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and clarify anything that may not be 100% clear.

We’ll work with you to ensure you are comfortable with our advice and arrange the necessary documentation to  implement your new financial plan.

3.Our Ongoing Support and Advice

Change is constant, both when it comes to financial markets as well as your personal life. By providing you with ongoing support and advice we can ensure your financial plan remains relevant to current circumstances and your unique situation.

We are committed to forming and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, so you can be confident that we’ll be there every step of the way, helping you achieve financial stability, whether that be guiding you through the inevitable lows or celebrating the highs with you.

You’ll receive the benefit of ongoing, regular reviews of your portfolio, either by phone or face-to-face appointments depending on your schedule and needs. You will also have complete access  to your dedicated adviser who can answer your questions, provide updates, and generally help you in any way possible.

And of course, you don’t simply receive high level, tailored, relevant advice; you also gain access to the combined expertise within the organisation, in a myriad of speciality areas as well as entire team of high-level support staff.

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