Mind your step on the financial journey

Mind your step on the financial journey

Our relationship with money can seem like a journey, starting with ‘baby steps’ when as kids we start to understand that money is a measure of currency and a means to buy the things we need. From an early age we generally start to also appreciate how saving our small change can add up and how making small sacrifices can allow us to buy the big-ticket items we’ve been wanting.

Then as we move though our teens and into adulthood, financial literacy is generally something that we develop pretty organically through our lives, sometimes picking up good – and bad – habits from our parents that inform our relationship with money.

As we move into adulthood, money forms somewhat of a taboo so we tend not to chat to friends or even sometimes not even to family about our finances, except maybe for the chat round the BBQ about what the property or stock market might be up to.

So often that leaves us in a place where we are pretty much left to our own devices – making big decisions about how to manage our finances, how to make our money work as hard as we do, how to save for retirement and how to protect all that we have worked so hard for.

It can be a hard road to walk alone, and it can be a good idea to have a trusted adviser on the journey with you.

In fact, some of the benefits of receiving financial advice according to a recent study by IOOF are listed below:

Some of the key benefits of financial advice*:

  • 93% believe advice provides clarity around goals and progression towards them
  • 91% agreed receiving advice helped them to achieve their financial goals
  • 86% agreed advice helped them achieve personal goals
  • 82% believe advice helps inspire them to work towards and reach their goals.

We like to think our role as a mentor and adviser is an important one. We use our knowledge and experience to help you shape your financial and personal goals and then help keep you on track to achieving them. We believe there is also great value in advice that is holistic and takes into account your unique situation and goals and that’s very much how we approach the provision of advice here at Smart Financial.

We also believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients, so you can count on us to be beside you every step of your financial journey.


Source: https://www.ioof.com.au/financial-advice/understanding-financial-advice/how-financial-advice-can-help

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