Superannuation Advice

Smart Financial simplifies superannuation planning. By examining your unique needs, we can tailor a superannuation plan that enables you to live the lifestyle you’ve earned in retirement.

Making smart financial decisions can be difficult, which is why seeking financial advice is always a good idea, no matter where you are on your financial journey. Smart Financial is privately owned, meaning we are not biased and that every decision we make is with you in mind. No matter what stage of life you’re at, we can help you to grow your wealth and plan for the future.

superannuation advice

Our Superannuation Advice

Whether you’re an individual trying to reach your retirement goals or business owner planning a corporate super fund plan, superannuation can be quite complex and confusing. Smart Financial can help you ensure that your super is the right fit and is fulfilling your needs.

We can give you advice in relation to:

  • Figuring out whether a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is the right choice for you and, if it is, how to go about setting it up
  • Consolidating your super funds and reducing fees
  • Strategies that can help boost your superannuation
  • Exploring the best performing super funds and choosing the right one for you
  • Understanding and reviewing your concessional and non-concessional contributions to your superannuation
superannuation advice

The Value of Superannuation Advice

Maximising your superannuation is extremely important as it is generally one of the largest assets people have, providing a lot of people with the money needed for retirement. However, superannuation can be very complex and seeking professional advice can help you to understand and maximise your superannuation. By looking at each individual’s unique life situation – including how long you have until retirement, your current finances, and your attitude towards risk-taking – Smart Financial can help you get the most out of your superannuation.

Why choose us?

Clarity - Direction for Your Financial Journey

We start by taking the time to understand you and your family—where you are today, your values, and your hopes for retirement. We use this understanding to help you clearly visualise your financial future, and then build you a straightforward, personalised plan to achieve this vision. We are with you every step of the way, helping you navigate change and delivering clarity throughout all stages of your financial journey. You can be confident that you have a sound plan for your family’s future and your retirement.

Partnership - Your Trusted Adviser and Coach

We pride ourselves on being approachable, proactive and delivering open and honest interactions and guidance. We leverage our personal experience and expertise to better understand your needs, and provide you with an alternative perspective. You’re more than just a number to us—we truly want to get to know you and your family so that we can better tailor a solution that suits your specific needs. We work hard to establish a long-term partnership with you—this way, you know that you’re respected, supported and understood.

Expertise - Technical Knowledge for Solid Financial Management

The Smart Financial team possesses in-depth technical expertise and experience to help you set goals, manage your cash flow, secure and grow your wealth, protect your assets, and explore your retirement and aged care options. We consider your current financial position, and your plans, to build a strong platform for your future. Our regular reporting helps you update your financial plans as your life evolves. With Smart Financial, you have the security of knowing your wealth is not only protected, but growing.

Local - An Established Team with a Regional Focus

Smart Financial was established in Shellharbour over 10 years ago and, today, has multiple offices throughout the region. All our advisers are long-term residents, deeply embedded in the local community, and all our clients have direct access to the leaders of the business. Privately owned and not exclusively aligned to any major financial institution, you can rest assured that we are unbiased and act only in your best interest. Wouldn’t you rather partner with someone who shares not only your values, but your local heritage as well?

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